NEET -  रेवाडी के मामडिया गांव का छोरा 649/720 अंक लेकर किया नाम रोशन।



GGSRDN conduct Test Series for JEE (Main / Advanced) & NEET (UG) which is also available in postal mode. The Test Series for  JEE (Main / Advanced) includes Schedule & Syllabus and Question Papers. GGSRDN have been designed keeping in mind the ease of learning for students. 

  • Let your Child build a Strong Base for the future to take admissions in either IIT(JEE-Main/Advanced)  or NEET.
  • GGSRDN offers students a chance to learn with Self  Study Features.
  • Now Let your Child be future-ready by taking this Self Study course to accomplish his/her dreams. GGSRDN Foundation Courses is available for students studying from Grade 11th to 12th.

Get Access to Self Study Materials and it's top features listed below :-

This GGSRDN Study Course is Designed by Top Expert Faculty with years of experience to help your child build a strong base for future admissions in Top Engineering/Medical. The Tutors have designed the courses by keeping the learning outcome of the students in mind and therefore all the courses have been designed to start from the basic level and finally ends up at an advance level for students. 

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1). Study Material 

2). Tests- Chapter & Session Tests

3). Full Syllabus Test

4). Sample Papers

5). Previous Year Question Papers

6). Self Practice Test

7). DPP

8). Result Analytics




India's most Trusted ONLINE TEST SERIES for IIT JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET GGSRDN.

  • GET YOUR BEST RANK IN JEE-Main & Advanced /NEET : With the Most Effective & Personalized Online Test Series For JEE Main & Advanced/NEET
  • MASTER THE CONCEPTS : The tests are divided topic or chapter wise to achieve intangible knowledge of various topics. You learn to solve questions while applying the concepts
  • CRACK THE PCM / PCB CONCEPTS : Concepts of (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) / (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) that are deemed difficult are made easier to comprehend under the test series.
  • TEACHES QUESTION - SOLVING SKILLS : The test series is a mix of a variety of questions. Access to the test papers helps to solve an extensive variety of questions asked in the Joint Entrance exam.
  • COMPLETE SYLLABUS REVISION : The tests are designed to cover the entire JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET syllabus and make you revise everything thoroughly.
  • JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET EXAM BASED Q & A : The questions and answers prepared according to the latest syllabus have resulted after a lot of research.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE : The online JEE-Main & Advanced /NEET complete syllabus tests are available at a nominal price that is affordable for the student..


Why Distance Learning for NEET, IIT-JEE

Of all the pros associated with distance learning medical courses in India and IIT distance education programme, the most important one is flexibility. It allows students to access educational information via desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Moreover, distance education programs even provide the flexibility of accessing the information at any time of the day. 

Some of the other benefits of GGSRDN DLP include :

Self-inspiration & Self-Motivation

Ease of accessibility

Time savvy

Easy Access to the Experts

Salient Features

Distance Learning Programme

Given the features GGSRDN Distance Learning Programme come with, it certainly makes a huge difference when it comes to preparing for competitive exams. Quite unlike the traditional modes of distance learning, GGSRDN distance learning programmes lays great emphasis on enhanced efficiency, student motivation and improved results.



The content of study material is based on latest

examination pattern which extensively covers the entire syllabus.



Subject wise & topic wise Question Bank based on latest pattern,

in addition to previous year question papers


DLP courses will develop real time exam temperament

of students before actual competition.



Problems are of advance level which will increase

the solving ability of the student.


DLP courses will provide systematic assessment

& feedback of student’s performance which will help them

in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.




Material and tests prepared by pool of expert faculties

which prepares the student to compete with

best brains at National platform.

How To Appear in Test Series

  1. - To appear in Test , student must have their Identity Card along with any Govt. / School ID Proof (Compulsory ).
  2. - Identity Card for the Test Series Students, can be downloaded and printed from our website.
  3. - To appear in CBT Test, student has to download & carry CBT Admit Card every time along with any Govt. / School ID Proof (Compulsory).


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