Target - NEET


Course Details for Foundation, Fresher AND DROPPER Test Series

(SESSION : 2023-24)


Foundation / Fresher Undergoing / Passed Students


For English Medium Students




Answer key will be given immediately after completion of test.


Detailed marks will be available on your whats App no.

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Salient Feature

(i)   Tests are based on the latest pattern of  Medical Entrance Examinations & questions included in this are worthy to be asked in

        Actual Entrance Exams.


(ii)   The questions included in test papers are thought provoking and challenging which helps in preparing your mind for Medical

        Entrance Examination.


 (iii)   These tests will provide you an opportunity to get yourself familiarize with the type of questions you are likely to face in

          Actual Entrance Examinations.


 (iv)  These tests are also helpful to increase the student's problem solving speed and develop enough confidence to face the real



 (v)   It is a series of specially designed test papers covering all concepts of Medical Entrance Examination Syllabus


Fee Structure



Tuition Fee

Foundation Test Series for NEET(UG)

Offline  Mode

Rs. 5000/-

Foundation Test Series for NEET(UG)

Online  Mode

Rs. 299/-

Fresher Test Series for NEET (UG)

Offline  Mode

Rs. 5000/-

Fresher Test Series for NEET (UG)

Online  Mode

Rs. 299/-



(i)        Student not present in test will be marked absent; however they can collect Test Papers at the time of next scheduled test. No marks will be awarded to absent


(ii)       In case of cancellation of test under unforeseen circumstances, student will be marked absent; however they can collect Test Papers on next day.

** Number  of  Test Papers may be changed in special cases (According  to Final  Dates of Exams).